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Welcome to 2015! We hope that everyone had a great new year - we know we did! If you haven't been in already this year - what are you waiting for?!

Did you get a voucher from us in December? Remember to use it before the end of the month!

We've got lots of exciting things planned for the upcoming year kicking off with Burns Night (25th) and Australia Day Jamboree (26th) this month! We're teaming up MacSweens Haggis and Mitolo's Jester Shiraz! Delicious! Come in and celebrate with us!

Bar Opening Hours:

  • Mon
  • 5pm-11pm
  • Tues-Thur
  • 12pm-3pm & 5pm-11pm
  • Fri-Sat
  • 12pm-11pm
  • Sun
  • 12pm-10:30pm

Kitchen Opening Hours:

  • Mon-Thur
  • 6.30pm-10pm
  • Fri
  • 12.30pm-3pm &
  • Sat
  • 12.30pm-4pm &
  • Sun
  • 12.30pm-10pm